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Dec 06,2016

Pass Policy

Don’t Forget to Sign-In

Keeping track of who comes to the pool is an important part of maintaining a safe facility. Signing in is important for a few reasons.
1. First, if there is an emergency at the pool (for example, a drowning or unconscious individual), staff can figure out who to call by looking at the names of the individuals who signed in.
2. The sign in process helps lifeguards and patrons to become familiar with one another, so the guards begin to put names with faces. During sign in, the guard has the chance to verify that the individual is not only who they say they are, but also that they are allowed to use the facility. Finally, a lifeguard is more likely to ID a fraudulent pass if he or she has to actually handle it.
Putting it into action
The type of pass a community chooses influences the sign in procedures and protocols used throughout the community’s pool season. See the blog post entitled Types of Swimming Pool Pass Policies for more about the various kinds of passes and the pros and cons of each. Choosing and enforcing the best process for your facility can help you have a safer and more enjoyable summer. You are welcome to look at our examples of sign-in sheets and modify them to suit your facility’s needs.

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